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First stop: Downtown Eating means sleeping, so before you taste-trek across the city, make sure you have dreamy quarters in close proximity to good grub—and nothing fit that bill like Ace Hotel Portland (pictured), the original hipster hotel that not only has street cred (as well as rooms with original artwork, beds with Pendleton blankets and a lounge-with-your-laptop lobby outfitted with a vintage photo boot) but food cred. The in-room mini-bar and room 215 breakfast buffet are both filled with gourmet riches (oh, that granola!), plus it’s sandwiched between Stumptown Coffee Roasters (pictured on opening page) for responsibly sourced brew (try the Nitro Cold Brew on draft) and Clyde Common, a happy hour hotspot known for its barrel aged negronis. When brunch calls, take the 5-minutes walk to Tasty N Alder for a chocolate malt milkshake and fries (dip the fries, obvi) or a breakfast spin on Korean bibimbap. For early morning or late-night munchies, follow the pink glow to Voodoo Donut, a cash-only deep-fried dough emporium that sells spellbinding rings topped with things like Captain Crunch, bacon and bubble gum; there’s even a deliciously diabolical raspberry jelly-filled Voodoo Doll donut that comes with a pretzel stake.