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Lately, it seems as though the frothy foam atop your favorite latte or cappuccino has made your morning caffeine go from a plain cup of joe to a work of art. Latte art has become a popular trend being served up in local coffee houses as well as gourmet restaurants. Barista competitions introduced this eye-catching coffee trend, and although elaborate latte art is complicated, the basics are simple. Charles Babinski, KRUPS Brand Ambassador, offered AFM his technique for simple latte art with a KRUPS XL2000 Milk Frother.


 Step 1: Pour enough cold milk for one cup into the steaming pitcher. Steam milk with the wand deep in the pitcher, then directing the milk in a counterclockwise fashion until the liquid heats to 150⁰F. For a foolproof way to create a smooth, velvety milk, use a KRUPS XL2000 Milk Frother, which makes rich, long lasting meringue-like milk at the touch of a button.


Step 2: Allow the milk to sit while you add one or two shots of freshly brewed espresso to a coffee mug – one with curved sides will work better than a squared off glass.


Step 3: Swirl the milk vigorously. If you see any bubbles, tap the pitcher on the counter several times and go back to swirling the milk for 20 to 30 seconds.


Step 4: Slowly start pouring the milk into the espresso. First in a circular pattern around the edge of the cup, slowly moving toward the center as the foam rises.


To create a leaf pattern: When your cup reaches half full, the foam will start to rise. Move your pitcher backwards as you pour while moving it from side to side using the motion of your hand to create a leaf pattern in the top of your latte. When you reach the end of the cup, pour a stream of milk right through the middle of your leaf pattern. Just be careful to use a small amount of milk so the design is not affected.

To create a heart pattern: Shake your hand as you would in making leaf. However, instead of moving backwards, keep your hand in the same general area, focusing on making a ringed circle.

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