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Just like the The Academy Awards, predictions are in! For the top trends of 2016 that is…

While the fashion runways this past fall gave a glimpse of what was to come for 2016, we have created a simple guide with the top looks you will be seeing this year.

Street Style: First on the list is street style. Because of the laid back, casual and comfortable aspect of this look, it will continuously be a popular pick in 2016. Street Style isn’t necessarily going to be yoga pants or sweats, think more along the lines of mixed casual. A key piece to this look is the bomber jacket. Stick to neutral colors and pair with something feminine yet comfortable underneath like a jersey crop top and high waist skirt. Throw on a pair of flats and you’re ready to go. Keeping comfotability on trend and presentable.

Maven46 Bomber

Photo from Maven46.com

Flats: Another sure to be favorite trend on the rise for 2016 of the flats. Our feet will thank us for this trend and we have designers like Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham to appreciate. We should also probably acknowledge the resurgence of the super model for inspiring this trend as well. In no need for the extra height, flats seem to suite their long legs and hustling lifestyle and by looking to them for fashion inspiration, it’s not surprising that flats are something we took away from their look to emulate in our own style.

huffingtonpost Flats

Photo from Huffington Post online

The White Shirt: The white shirt is back, or was it ever really out? Following the Phoenix Art Museum’s exhibition in ode to the designer that built the white shirt in high fashion, Gianfranco Ferre, the style is back with enthusiasm. Simple to pull-off and easy to find in stores, we are happy to see this comeback. It is a classic and looks great on everyone while not seeming too “trendy.”

manrepeller whiteshirt

Photo from Manrepeller.com

Bell Bottoms: It looks like 2016 might be all about the wide leg pants and the throwback to the 70's. Fashion trends tend to cycle and this year it’s back to the bell bottoms. This trend does extend beyond the traditional bell shape denim, and includes the all over wide leg pant which can be cinched or belted around the waist to maintain a still flattering shape. This look may not be for everyone but there is no doubt you will see some people rocking this vintage inspired trend. 

manrepeller bellbottoms

Story by: Summer Roth

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