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Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent? This year, a new event is coming to the Valley where people from all around the nation will get the chance to shine and show the world what they have to offer.

The Live Style Weekend, a three-day event for singers, fashion designers, artist and entertainers, will take place from September 13th to the 15th in Arizona and is expected to attract an audience of over 4,000 people. The main events will take place at the beautiful Tom and Janet Ikeda Theater and the W Scottsdale.  The music and artistic world in Arizona will benefit from this event significantly, as Arizona will become better known as a city where aspiring talents can make a name for themselves.

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Featured above (From Left to Right) is Mel Smith, Senior VP of YMCMB, Jason Robinson, and Eddie Lemons of IME music group.

Arizona Foothills Magazine got the chance to ask a few questions and to chat with Jason Robinson, the Talent Director for Courtier modeling and one of the three event organizers for the Live Syle Weekend.  Here's What Robinson had to say:

What makes the Live Style Weekend unique?

In reality, not all showcase gigs are created equal. Some are worth your time and energy, and some are just plain old scams. LSW gives the Arizona community opportunities and guaranteed ways for you to get a deal, get press, get fans and everything else. Plus we made it very affordable for everyone to attend and be apart of.

What inspired you to start this event?

Well you have events like SXSW, NXNW, The Magic Show and so many more. What we have done is bring it all into one weekend. We wanted to bring regional artists and industry pros face to face, creating a real chance for artists in Arizona to network, learn and showcase their talents.

What would you say is the most interesting thing about your event?

LSW is great for independent fashion, art & music. It is more affordable than events like SXSW or the Magic Show etc.… For up and coming acts, it is more accessible. There's tons of potential to learn a lot and make good connections, plus a great line up of artists, so it can be a lot of fun. Of course, like all music industry shows, you should be sure you're in a position to take full advantage of what LSW has to offer - for instance, if you're a label, make sure you'll have some releases to promote. Artists and fashion designers should bring portfolios and so on.

What would you say qualifies someone to participate in the Live Style Weekend? 

LSW is for people trying to build a name for themselves on the business side of things - record labels, fashion designers, Artist and entertainers of all walks of life- LSW is a great way to let people know who you are and what you are doing.

What kind of audience are you expecting?


Anyone and everyone that loves fashion, art, music and entertainment. Arizona is growing so rapidly and is starting to make a lot of noise. This is a community event that brings the best of everything into one. LSW is for people that want to see the next raising superstar and be apart of history when it’s made.

Do people need to be experienced to audition, or would you encourage everyone to audition?

We encourage everyone to audition for the Major label showcase! There is so much raw talent in Arizona and we want the world to see that. LSW caters to the Indie world -that is truly unknown or that has very little buzz behind it. So you have a better chance of getting noticed at LSW than at any of the other large events.

If you could say anything to the audience in Arizona to get them excited about this upcoming event, what would it be?

If you're based in Arizona LSW should absolutely be on your calendar, especially if you are an indie artist, band or label, fashion designer or just love the world of entertainment. It's a very friendly medium for Indies and is a great place to pick up contacts and advice. It's attended by so many people who first and foremost work in the industry because they love it, which is not always what you get at events like these - and for this reason, it's an exciting event to attend.

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Featured above it Jason Robinson.

Get excited, because this weekend is something you will not want to miss. If you think you could be the next big thing or know someone who could be, this weekend is perfect for you. For more information on the Live Style Event and how to participate email courtier.info@gmail.com, or visit the Facebook page.