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Some pieces are too classic to ever go out of style. They may get makeovers here and there – shorter, longer, thinner, wider, but fundamentally speaking, the concepts of a classic are simply put, classic. If you only buy a few classic pieces this season, put a collared shirt at the top of your list. Timeless and easy to wear with anything, from skirts to jeans and just as fun layered under sweaters, collared shirts have gone from work essentials to anytime-you-please, much to our liking. Take a look at these items:

Pippa Embellished Blouse

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 10.43.19 AM

This coral colored Pippa Embellished Blouse is absolutely on the money not just for this season, but into spring and summer of 2013 as well. A flirtatious button-down back mixes both sexy and professional. Embellished gold detailing on both the collar and cuffs make this top stand out. While it’s easy to pull this off in a casual way (with jeans as shown), you could also dress up and grab a high-waist skirt and pumps for a modern-retro vibe. One top, two entirely different ways to wear it!