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Materialize Shemer

Discover 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping at the Shemer Art Center. An engaging exhibition, which aims to educate artists and the public about new digital tools that are being used to create beautiful artwork. Local artists created original works using the capabilities of 3D printing.

The exhibition includes several special events and lectures giving patrons the opportunity to learn more about this 21st Century art-making tool. “Materialize” features a great group of artists including Bourque, Caron, Cassano, Chandler, Gayk, Huff, Koven, London, Marika, McMaster, Neubauer, Penn, Prusten, Renato, Smith, Vance III, Werby, Wang, Westheimer, Wigner, Burtontwood and David Van Ness. Highlights from the exhibition include “Simple Planes With Aquamarine Stripe” a simply beautiful sculpture by Kevin Caron, the whimsical "Stacking Cows" by  sculpture by David Van Ness, and another mesmerizing piece from Christine Cassano, whose work has been poping up all over the valley this year.

Kevin Caron

How does it work you ask? Well simply take three dimensional digital models that are then fed to a 3D printer that lays down thin layers of material to build the object. 3D printing is recognized as a breakthrough for sculptural form generation that uses a unique method of making solid objects from computer aided design 3D printing that is inspiring designers, architects, and artists and more. The Shemer gives visitors the exciting opportunity to learn more about the technology as well as interact with artists and experts in the field. “Materialize” debuted on October 16th to a wonderful reception with a majority of the artists were in attendance on hand to speak about their new work and experience to the large crowd that turned out.


There is still time to attend some great events that explore the world of 3D Printing including Thursday, Nov. 13, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. – Artist Cafe with Kevin Caron, who will present "The Improbable and the Impossible: One Artist's Journey With 3D Printing" as well as Thursday, Nov. 20, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. – Artist Max Chandler will present a lecture and film about Generative Art, using robots to generate art. It is exciting to see 3D Printing transforming ideas visualized on a computer and then converted directly to physical parts creating a wide variety of fascinating artwork. Be sure to stop by and check out “Materialize” a truly captivating exhibition of 3D artwork that will be on view through November 27, 2014. The Shemer Art Center is located at 5005 E. Camelback Rd., Phx 85018. For more information about this exhibition or the artists it features please visit the Shemer Art Center website for more information: http://www.shemerartcenter.org. *Images courtesy of the Shemer Art Center & Artists.