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No matter what medium of art you enjoy, the Valley’s museums have plenty of variety to ensure you’ll like what you see. And with summer here, tons of new exhibits are open and just begging to be viewed. You can be sure the ACs will be cranked up in there, making them the coolest spots to flock to this summer. We found some crowd -leasing exhibits which are definitely worth the visit.


The Phoenix Art Museum presents “In the Mood,” an exhibit displaying the fashions of World War II. “In the Mood” captures the culture of the 1940’s, displaying 35 fully accessorized looks from the timeframe as well as original military uniforms, gowns, work wear, negligees, gloves and more glamorous accessories of the 40’s. This exhibit also looks at life during World War II and how interwoven both fashion and women were into the culture of the time. 602.257.1880, www.phxart.org.

Texting seems to be taking over. It started with our phones and now: galleries. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) currently has an exhibition running until September called Young @ Art Gallery Visions: “Text Messages.” This exhibit is influenced by the impact text messaging have had on teens and the way it completely transformed communication. Valley teens met with local and national artists to create this exhibit and their result is an instillation which says volumes about the next generation. 480.874.4630,www.smoca.org.

Are you ready to face your deepest darkest fears? Well prepare yourself because the Arizona Science Center has a new exhibit called “Goosebumps! The Science of Fear,” which is all about exposing the secrets of fear. Do the fear-challenge course, or play an interactive video game which puts you right in the action. Great for all ages, this fascinating exhibit will be sure to give you goosebumps. 602.716.2000, www.azscience.org.

Sixties’ pop art comes back to life with a twist in “POP! Popular Culture” in American Indian Art, an exhibit at the Heard Museum. In “POP!”, Native American artists, inspired both by pop art and contemporary culture, created this collection of fresh, colorful and modern pieces. This collection shows the artists’ take on pop culture through art forms including fashion, comics, paintings, pottery and beading. This smart and savvy exhibit shows how mass media has influenced culture, through the Native American perspective. 602.252.8848,www.heard.org.