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Meet local artist and veteran Jason Hugger, who is creating fascinating surrealist paintings and drawings that are inspired by the Arizona landscape.

jasonhuggerart2Hugger mediums of choice are acrylic, oil, and silverpoint all, which help the artist achieve the desired tension and drama in his work "by using extremes in scale and perspective, color and light", states Hugger. His drawings and paintings highlight the deserts of the Middle East and Southwest, as well as modern and ancient architecture, weathered and decomposing objects. His paintings are of still-life's which allow him to explore and to reconnect to his subject which are often unusual since he prefers to paint found and recycled items. When asked about his work Hugger said, "My paintings and silverpoint drawings reflect my love of still life and landscape, which I combine to create surrealistic desolate and isolated desert landscapes."

jasonhuggerrart1Hugger found his love for art in his teens going on to formally train and receive his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design. Originally from Ohio, after college he settled in Arizona and currently resides in Phoenix with his wife Cathryn Hugger. He and his wife are wonderful supporters of the arts and always participating in our ever-growing arts community. He has exhibited his artwork in numerous group and solo exhibitions at several local galleries including {9} The Gallery, Practical Art, R. Pela Contemporary Art, the Tieken Gallery and the MonOrchid just to name a few. His artwork has been featured in both online and print publications including the Phoenix New Times, AZCentral and most recently in YabYum Music & Arts.

jasonhuggerart3Go and experience Hugger’s work first hand since he is currently exhibiting at Street Coffee in Downtown Phoenix, located at 625 S. 7th Street and will be on display until April 11th. Also he will be exhibiting in an exciting group exhibition titled “Surfacing: An Abstract Show” at the Brill House (next door to street coffee) for Art Detour 28 March 18th through March 20th. Hugger is excited to continue to work with the collaborative duo of {9} The Gallery and Artelshow, which curated both of these wonderful exhibitions and have several more lined up this year. Still want to learn more about artist Jason Hugger then visit him online at jasonhugger.com. *All images courtesy and copyright of the artist, Jason Hugger.