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Looking to switch up your holiday shopping this year? Venture off the beaten path and spice up your gift giving by replacing traditional tech-y toys with colorful, Mexican-influenced home accents.



Being that Mexico is but a stone’s throw from Tucson, the influence from south of the border can be felt all over Old Pueblo. From historical buildings to cultural festivals to superior Mexican cuisine, the proximity to Mexico gives Tucson a spicy flair.

That same phenomenon can be felt in the home as well. Remember the movie “Fools Rush In?” When the family of Salma Hayek’s character paints the home of her love interest in the film, played by Matthew Perry. The family’s Mexican pride shows through in desert-inspired materials and orange hues that liven up Perry’s home, leaving him in a bit of a shock.

Well, Mexican accents can be added to the home minus the shock if you know where to go to find classic Mexican furniture and accessories in the Tucson vicinity.

It's not surprising that Tucson is among the best places north of the border to shop for handcrafted goods from Mexico. Import shops can be found all around town, though the central and south sides have the most variety. A few shops favored by locals are Borderlands Trading Company in downtown Tucson, Colonial Frontiers at The Lost Barrio, and Zócalo located at Broadway Village. Each of these reputable retailers feature colorful showrooms stocked with fine collections that include assorted home furnishings, folk art, metal home accents, pottery, textiles, rustic lighting, and religious figurines.

Colonial Frontiers and Zócalo specialize in colonial Mexican furniture, and Borderlands is a good place to find sombreros, paper flowers, oilcloths, and candles. If you’re feeling adventurous and up for a little drive, shoppers can experience Mexican culture at its source in the border town of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico - a charming tourist destination with shops and sidewalk vendors and cafés, located 64 scenic miles south of Tucson.

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Borderlands Trading Company, http://www.borderlandstrading.com.

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