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Saturday, March 2 marks the arrival of the biggest mud run for women in Tucson! The Dirty Girl Mud Run, featuring hundreds of strong women, will take place at Old Tucson Studios. Check out some of the important details of the event here!

rsz mud-pit

Many of the current mud runs offered throughout the state are military-style, intense runs that are geared towards men and can be too much for women. The Dirty Girl Mud Run was created to give women a chance to get down and dirty in this current trend without the competitiveness of the men’s runs. It is the original women-only national mud run series and is now coming to Tucson. The run promotes camaraderie of the women of Tucson, not competition. Dirty Girl also believes in empowering women with a rigorous environment so they can achieve new levels in life. The main goals of Dirty Goal are to instill confidence in women and promote a healthy lifestyle, all while bonding them with other women in their community.

The run is donating a portion of the proceeds to its official partner, the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Cancer survivors run for free, and others will be helping a cause in need.

Women 14 and up, of all athletic abilities, are invited to participate in the untimed obstacle course. Some of the obstacles include the “Utopian Tubes” tunnel crawl and the “PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff)” mud pit. All obstacles are optional, allowing participants to go at their own pace and enjoy the challenge. Participants are encouraged to form teams and rock team uniforms. Food, music, and drinks will also be provided at the event.

Whether you and your friends need an exciting teambuilding experience, or you like to challenge yourself in a fun, non-competitive environment, the Dirty Girl Mud Run has what it takes to help build your confidence and lifestyle. The first wave of runners begins at 8 a.m. and the last wave of runners begins at 4 p.m.