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4everBound - Because Memories Don't Belong In a Drawer

About two years ago, while attempting to organize the garage, it became painfully clear that we had a whopping 49 combined years of art and schoolwork collected. Treasured memories and milestones we just couldn't bear to throw away. Artwork, handprints, penmanship, spelling tests, essays, even a letter that Becka wrote Ian after they had a big fight one day. There was no way we were throwing those things out. So, we shuffled some plastic bins around, made a mental note to "do something with all that someday", and went on with our lives.

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About a year later, Peter was inspired by some bookbinding equipment he had just started using at work.  He thought he could develop and customize a process that would get our kid's papers out of storage and preserved in a meaningful way. 

"Our very first 4everBound books were created as a way to capture the most precious memories of our family's life together. By safely and permanently binding these items, we have preserved them for a lifetime. When we shared the books with friends and family, their responses were more than enthusiastic, which led us to start thinking about this as something we could do for others. With really nothing more than an instinct that there are millions of households around the United States storing all these original paper treasures, we decided to just go for it."

"Eventually, we will hand our 4everBound books down to our kids, so they can enjoy and share them with their families one day. For now, all their saved original work is neatly bound and sitting on the shelf. We would love to do the same for you. Thank you for trusting your memories to us... we promise we will handle them with care!"

For more information, please visit: https://4everbound.com/