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A word about NoRTH: I’m not sure why Fox Restaurant Concepts messed with the name. First it was NoRTH. Then it changed to North Fattoria which means farm but some of us couldn’t get past the “fat,” and now it’s North Italia but to me it will always simply be NoRTH, and it’s my most favorite place to eat at La Encantada.




Except for the loud din which is de rigeur on the hipness scale, this can be abated by being seated on the covered patio with its heat lamps in winter and its dazzling valley lights any time of the year.




Next to happy hour, my second favorite meal of the day is brunch and at NoRTH, I am never disappointed. Small plates and lunch-y items are on the menu as well as these custard-filled breakfast donuts to die for. Normally, I’m indifferent to donuts but these beautiful balls of delicious dough swimming in a low tide of lemon curd are the exception.




Another favorite brunch meal is the short rib hash with two eggs and grilled bread. This dish elevates the tradition hash to another plane. You can schmoosh the eggs with the meat and mop it up with the grilled bread; oh, so satisfying.




Nonna satisfies with two fried eggs, baked red sauce, Italian sausage and torn grilled bread. My friend said similato what his grandmother made – Italian comfort food.

The Chef’s Board satisfies cravings for cured meats, cheeses or seasonal vegetables, or a trifecta combo. Nosh on soppressata salami, prosciutto, provolone picante, fontina, grilled vegetables and rustic Italian bread. Then there’s sandwiches, pizza (try the fig and prosciutto), and pasta.



Try the zucca chips, little circles of lightly fried paper thin zucchini. Move over Pringles!

If you eat on the patio, you miss the action inside. The open kitchen, so open that pasta making cranks before your eyes as does meat and bread slicing. The process looks approachable that you might want to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand.

Save room for dessert. On one visit we shared the salted caramel budino which is custard served in a small jar. This decadent dessert is sweet, salty, and creamy with every spoonful. One has to wonder where salted caramel has been hiding practically my entire life. On another visit, tiramisu called our name.

You can’t go wrong at NoRTH where food excels as well as the service. Go NoRTH my friend...