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In an economic climate where many are feeling the pinch and local networks are constantly regurgitating the same gloomy forecast day after day, little gives hope to those looking for light at the end of the tunnel. But, luckily, the world’s ever-volatile stock market has steadily risen, giving those broadcasting the news a more upbeat story to tell and those hearing it a more optimistic outlook on life.


Back home, those currently employed by the Westward Look Resort, a luxurious spa retreat overlooking Tucson’s bustling city, have pledged to help local charities in desperate need of volunteers. With so many local charitable organizations in need of good workers, employees at the Westward Look Resort have agreed to help a different group each month. This Saturday, Aug. 29, resort employees and local volunteers will band together in support of the Tucson Community Food Bank. Those contributing their time will box meals, sort donations, load boxes and food items onto trucks, and organize and stock shelves.

According to the nonprofit’s Web site, the food bank currently boxes 48,000 meals a day for families in need, feeding 160,000 families per year. In other words, that’s 22.5 million pounds of food distributed to families in need last year. The organization operates with 78 full-time employees, but relies heavily on countless volunteers to make this happen. The Web site goes on to state that children are the largest group in need, averaging 40 percent of the supplies or equaling 50,000 children. Taking their attempts one step further, the Tucson Community Food Bank has teamed with area schools in hopes that no child goes home hungry. With that, chronically hungry children receive Snak Paks filled with nutritious snacks to last them throughout the weekend.


Do-gooders wishing to give their time, but who have conflicting schedules, may also assist in other ways. With a community deeply rooted in helping neighbors, volunteers may also aid local farmer’s markets (the food bank manages three), help at the farm in Marana or get involved with special events and area food drives—no good deed will go unnoticed. In addition to those efforts, resort employees will collect slightly used shampoos, lotions and conditioners from resort rooms in a dual effort of keeping the resort green, while also giving to the Primavera Foundation of Tucson—a nonprofit helping individuals transition from poverty to a greater well-being and security.

Unfortunately, hunger is an epidemic that has plagued our country for centuries, and today’s economy has only increased the number of mouths in need of food. Luckily, these Tucson-based organizations are helping to stop that, one mouth at a time.

For more ways to help visit, www.communityfoodbank.com.