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  • The first of the five benefits is that a golfing routine can lead to a healthier heart. Poe explains that all the walking and carrying around your bags can lend to an improved cardiovascular system. A little-known fact is if you walk three to five 18-hole rounds per week, you are giving your heart the perfect amount of exercise it needs to perform at its peak.
  • The second golfing benefit is the low injury factor. Poe says, “Though it’s low risk and low injury, you are still burning a ton of calories.” The low-intensity workout lends to the body needing less recovery time and getting you back to the course for another round.
  • Thirdly comes improved brain stimulation. Daily walking has been scientifically proven through research to improve the brain’s memory. The average person is known to walk 240 minutes in one game of golf lending to a good workout and stronger mind.
  • At number four, golfing is known for an improved night of rest. Poe explains that sweating helps you sleep so a game of golf can tire the body and mind. Golfing for many can be not only competitive but also relaxing once you step foot on the green.
  • Lastly, golfing is a major stress reliever. Poe says, “Playing a game, you have to be focused on what’s in front of you. Golfing allows to keep the mind off work, releasing not only stress levels but also endorphins leaving you happy and relaxed.”