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Remember the days when going to the Phoenix Open meant hiding your cell phone in your shoe, hidden purse compartment, or some other secret location to get it past the security gate? Well, those days are no more as cell phones are now an allowed electronic at the tournament. In fact, tournament sponsors are encouraging patrons to bring their cell phones to get an up-close-and-personal Phoenix Open experience.

“We’re pleased to announce that tournament attendees may now bring their mobile devices, such as cell phones or other PDAs to the tournament,” said 2012 Waste Management Phoenix Open Tournament Chairman Alex Clark. “We think this fan enhancement will be well-received by our fans and allow them to stay connected to their offices and families while at the tournament.”

Now, before you go calling your entire phonebook, there are some ground rules that must be followed: Devices must be set on silent mode at all times while on tournament grounds, devices may be used for calls only in designated areas (Verizon Zones) which will be marked by signage. These are just a few of the rules that cell phone-toting fans must follow, for the complete list of restrictions, visit the Phoenix Open Tournament Web site.

For Android and iPhone mobile devices, this year’s Open will provide an enhanced experience via the new Waste Management Phoenix Open Mobile App. The App can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace or iPhone App Store and features several interactive settings including

· 16th Hole Caddy Races - During the tournament, fans can guess which caddy will step on the green first, for each group that plays the 16th hole. The guessing game rules include: Fans can play each day, Wednesday through Sunday, Prizes will be awarded for top guessers each day, in addition to all days combined, Fan must select caddy of their choice of group on tee box, by color of their bib, prior to the last player hitting tee shot (once the last player hits tee shot, the game will be locked for that group), At the end of each day, the fans with the most correct answers will go into a drawing for prizes, At the end of all five days, the fans with the most correct answers will go into a separate drawing for prizes.

· “Take Me There Navigation” – user can search points of interest on the golf course, including tees, greens, concession stands, restrooms, merchandise areas, and can select “take me there” and a yellow path will be generated that will take the user to that point of interest from his/her current location on course.

· Car finder – let’s fans know where they parked their car.

· Links to Waste Management Phoenix Open social media (Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, website blog).

· TPC Stadium Course Hole descriptions.

· Information on Waste Management, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the Thunderbirds, Coors Light Birds Nest, local weather and more).

· Daily event feature – information and schedule on what’s going on every day.

To learn more, download the Waste Management Phoenix Open Apps or visit The Waste Management Phoenix Open website by clicking here.