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A study released at the beginning of February approximated Arizona’s golf industry resulted in $6 billion of economic activity while only using 2% of daily statewide water to serve 16.6 million rounds of golf in 2021. This economic boost supported nearly 66,200 jobs, provided $2.3 billion in wages and generated $518 million in state and local tax revenues.


“The positive impact to our community provided by the golf industry is good for everyone, even for those who don’t play,” says Joe Foley, Arizona Golf Association executive director and Arizona Alliance for Golf (AAG) executive committee member. “It’s one of the most impactful ways we give back, with many community-support organizations hosting their own golf fundraisers every year, as well as direct support from events like the WM Phoenix Open. And using 2% of the state’s water in the process plainly shows that the golf industry efficiently manages the vital resources we all depend on.”

The study conducted by Rounds Consulting Group and The Economic Contribution of AAG compiled quantitative data on the economic and environmental impacts directly and indirectly linked to Arizona’s golf industry during 2021.

In addition, Arizona’s golf industry is responsible for hundreds of millions of charitable fundraising dollars to local nonprofits. One example is the WM Phoenix Open, which raised $10.2 million in 2022 alone. The game has given back  itself as well by helping to fund youth golf programs and providing opportunities for Arizona kids to improve mental and physical health while developing life skills.

Golf courses around Arizona also contribute to the environment with the study finding that courses are effective at limiting the urban heat island effect due to large-scale tree cover and green spaces.

“An affinity for this sport is not a prerequisite to benefit from its reach,” says Ron Price, president and CEO of Visit Phoenix and an AAG board member. “Tourism is big business in Arizona. The quality and variety of golf courses here play a major role in helping the state attract millions of travelers each year. In 2021, the City of Phoenix welcomed more than 16 million who spent more than $3.2 billion. This impacts a broad range of businesses, both small and large, throughout greater Phoenix and the state.”

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