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Phoenician TrapezeIt’s not every day you get the opportunity to belt up and hoist yourself in the air at the mercy of a couple trapeze artists, but then again, it’s probably because not every day you get to lounge around at The Phoenician.

From February to the end of April, The Phoenician is hosting the “iFly” trapeze program Tuesday through Sunday outside at its park near the tennis courts. For 90 minutes, locals and out-of-towners can live the life of a circus monkey.

AZFoothills.com got the chance to experience this, and it was definitely all it’s cracked up to be.

The five or six trapeze artists present were welcoming and lively; they bumped and grooved to the music and talked to all the participants, making it impossible to feel awkward or out of place.

While majority of the students this particular day were around 12 to 15 years old, there was also a woman in her 20s and another in her mid-40s, so the activity, though challenging, is doable for anyone.

The height of the jumping-off board can cause some intimidation, if not hesitation, but the instructors give step-by-step instructions and follow up with a live demonstration to ensure students understand what to do.

The class allows for about 10 students and each one receives two chances at two separate combinations, for a total of four times on the trapeze.

By the end of our experience, it was safe to say all participants felt a sense of excitement and pride over their accomplishments.

The program lasts until the end of April, and classes can be booked online or over the phone. Readers interested in the program should visit ThePhoenician.com

Taylor Seely AZ Foothills Intern Student of iFly Trapeze at The Phoenician3Arizona Foothills Magazine Editorial Intern, Taylor Seely, Participating in iFly trapeze program at The Phoenician

Taylor Seely AZ Foothills Intern Student of iFly Trapeze at The Phoenician



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