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Choose rejuvenation and relaxation over stress at the Sonoran Spa at Westward Look Resort. Designed to recall the tradition of an Old West bathhouse, where a bath was considered the ultimate therapeutic luxury, the Sonoran Spa in drenched in charm, history and one-of-a-kind service.



The first resort within the Tucson region, Westward Look was originally built in 1912 as a home for the Watson family just six months after Arizona became a state. After it was sold to the Nason family in the 1940’s, the estate became a dude ranch and was expanded from fourteen to twenty-nine guest cottages. Today, the spa incorporates the original fireplace from the first guest cottage built at the historic resort, which gives the Sonoran Spa its comfortable atmosphere and historic charm. Rustic rough-hewn chairs, wrought iron sconces and other earthy elements evoke the spirit of the Southwest. Colorful blankets inspired by local Native American heritage adorn the spa and add to the cozy ambiance.

Native botanicals like jojoba and sage, warm stones and cleansing muds of the Sonoran desert set the tone of the Sonoran Spa. Guests experience the benefits of therapeutic herbs and other native plants that were used by indigenous Southwest peoples for centuries. Treatments feature organic skin care products and botanicals formulated without unnecessary chemicals. Some of these native plants are grown just off the spa terrace in the Sonoran Spa Garden.

The spa’s intention is to provide highly therapeutic treatments in a calm, healing and unhurried environment. Using high-grade essential oil blends, Ayurvedic based herbs and oils, and organic ingredients, the treatments are pure and powerful.


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