Cape Rey: More Than A Beach Getaway

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Go to Carlsbad for the ocean, stay for the spa.

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Spa-ha Moments: Pampering Trends on the Rise

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Royal Palms smaller

Picture this: you just returned from a fabulous vacation, and you are more exhausted than when you left. What gives?

The feeling of needing a vacation from your vacation or needing a vacation after vacation has spurred a new trend. The trend of wellness tourism, or travel that promotes health and well-being has been making waves in the traveling industry lately. The trend isn’t limited to one travel mode. Resorts, travel agencies, and cruise lines all are taking...

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Resort Stays Make Fitness Goals Easier

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Gone are the days where you squeezed yourself into a tiny workout room in the basement of a hotel, resigning yourself to picking among a few barbells and a tired treadmill. These “gyms” are a thing of the past for many resorts. Instead, more and more are offering options such as yoga classes, healthy dining choices and active outdoor pursuits.

Whether you opt for a staycation or leave the desert this summer, many properties such as AAA Four and Five Diamond, offer a variety of resources to help you stay on track...


Why You Should Also Offer Massages To Your Clients

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If you have a business that revolves around health and wellness and you don't have a massage therapist on staff or on call, you may be missing out. It doesn't matter what your business is. If you have a yoga studio, a nutrition business, do physical therapy or you're a chiropractor, you can benefit from offering massage therapy to your existing clients.


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Fountain Hills Resort Unveils Toe-Reading Treatment

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CopperWynd-Resort-and-Club 01 wide

Feet get all the fun; from rocking the latest trends in shoes to showcasing a freshly painted pedicure. Feet can also tell a lot about a person--if they are lover or fighter, living in the past or staying in the present and even how well one's relationships are in his or her life. Within every shoe is a different story, a different persontoelity! CopperWynd Resort and Club...

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