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24-Hours in Sedona: Where to Stay and What to Do

It’s no surprise that Sedona now attracts over 4 million tourists each year. The scenic paradise gives travelers a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy natural serenity amidst the picturesque desert. For us locals, it’s not too hard to escape. But before you do, check out our travel itinerary for an upscale and adventurous trip to beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

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Experience San Diego: Plan Your Summer Vacation

Experience San Diego - a sunny summer destination for many Phoenicians to escape the desert heat. Known for it's great weather year round, beaches and popular attractions, San Diego makes a great place to escape. Check out this list of things to do and places to stay and eat and start planning your summer vacation!



Scottsdale Staycation

Summer is here, but the vacation fund might be running a little lower than in years past. Of course, the annual family trip to Disneyland can’t be cut, but your summer girls’ trip to Mexico might be on the chopping block. Here, we rediscover Scottsdale and how to have the perfect girls’ staycation right at home.


Phoenix Fourth of July Activities

Our Founding Fathers probably couldn’t have guessed that a simple declaration would turn into a national penchant for red, white and blue or an annual explosion of fireworks. Luckily, Americans across the country now have a day to celebrate national pride and patriotic duty, and with a generous list of celebrations the 48th state of Arizona doesn’t disappoint. Whether your ideal party includes fireworks, exotic animals, gunfights or reggae music, these Valley events offer something for every American?land of the free indeed.



Arizona Summer Activities for Kids

Whether you’re staying in town or hitting the road this summer, here is a list of fun-filled activities that will keep your kids feeling cool this summer.

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