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 The 2019 Flower Girls pictured above with their fashionable heels, are looking forward to a wonderful and traditional holiday season.  That’s because this special group of young women participate in events all year long to help the Board of Visitors raise charitable funds for the community healthcare needs for women, children and the elderly in the Phoenix area. 

Established in 1908, The Board of Visitors is the oldest women’s charitable organization in Arizona. Since its inception, The Board of Visitors has granted more than 20 million dollars to local nonprofit organizations in the greater Phoenix community, serving the healthcare needs of women, children and the elderly.

Of the Board of Visitor’s three major fundraisers, is its holiday fashion show. It’s a traditional way to kick off the holidays. The Flower Girls , grandchildren of BOV members and professional models take to the runway. They model the latest fashion from Dillard’s, including the shoes the Flower Girls are showcasing above. 

This year's Flower Girls who will be kicking off the holidays at the Board of Visitors  65th Annual Fashion Show Luncheon on the 8th are: Camille Alvarez, Lucie Anderson, Mackenzie Bouise, Trinity Cavanaugh, Alex Culver-Witt, Isabelle Culver-Witt, Tatum Dial, Maddie Dinowitz, Talle Donley, Sydney Frank, Jackie Ganem, Paige Gapusan, Ursula Gately, Sarah Glass, Emily Good, Leila Grant, Morgan Gruwell, Kylie Hall, Lauren Hardy, Helene Hart, Ashlyn Heintzelman, Katie Holmes, Riley Hrasky, Olivia James, Hannah Johnston, Abby Jones,

Jessica Katzman, Bridget Kelly, Patsy Langmade, Alyssa Largay, Francesca Leonard, Ella Longo, Gigi Martin, Maggie McGuire, Alexis Mullard, Kendall Nowell, Addison Putnam, Jenna Regalado, Lydia Rush, Anna Sabow, Kate Shein, Arden Smith, Kate Spellman, Katherine Thomas, Lily Tierney, Tessa Tierney, Jane Tiffany, 

Hayley Trueman, Natalie Vitols, Lanie Walkenbach, Grace Wanebo, Kate Warner, Alexa Wear, Lillian Weissmueller, Sadie Wintergalen, Cat Worth, Emma Woudenberg and Ashley Yeung. 

The Board of Visitors donated $976,000 in 2018,  to fourteen local charities, including Duet, Homeward Bound, Save the Family Foundation of Arizona, StreetlightUSA and Treasure House.

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