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Yes, Fran Drescher is known for her whiny but very successful voice and her character in the hit show The Nanny.  But these days as she continues to act - she’s taken on a very important role. 

The actress has become an advocate for women’s healthcare, specifically for people with cancer. Over the past several years she’s written a book about her struggles with her cancer diagnosis and surgery for uterine cancer; lobbied Congress and has been speaking at various conferences. 

She was one of the speaker’s at the Ultimate Women’s Expo in downtown Phoenix and spoke about being you own healthcare advocate. 

The expo at the Phoenix Convention center was like a woman’s day out. with do-it-herself craft pavilions, emerging designers, artisan foods and fashion shows.

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Actress Tori Spelling (90210) also  spoke and discussed multitasking and building a business while raising five children. 

 Fran Drescher gave birth to the nonprofit Cancer Schmancer organization to promote the importance of prevention and early detection of cancer. She wants to educate that people “ need to take control of their bodies and become greater partners with our physicians."

 Fran also says that women should empower themselves—and the women they love—to become medical consumers,  listening to their bodies, and asking the right questions and seek second opinions.

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