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Some lucky kids from Homeward Bound had the chance to “Say Cheese” with a group of major leaguers in a very special way. That’s because this group of professional athletes (pictured above) who are in town for the Arizona Fall League - - - headed to Lou Malnati’s for lunch. 

Among the top prospects and young baseball pros enjoying Chicago style deep dish - was Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Dylan Cozens. 

“It’s an honor to have the ability to help put a smile on the kids’ faces and make their day a little better,” says Dylan, who is a Scottsdale Chaparral High graduate, by the way. “To be able to give back to your hometown is even more special for me, to be able to help someone in my own backyard.”

 Homeward Bound is a non-profit in Phoenix that provides homeless families shelter and support services. 


The players say this was a chance to make a difference in the lives of kids in challenging situations. For the kids, it’s a chance not only to be near a Major Leaguer but to sit down and have an after-school meal with them. They chaatted about baseball, school, family and pizza of course. 

 The group of future baseball stars included: Aaron Slegers, Minnesota Twins (He’s also from Scottsdale) Kyle Lews, Seattle Mariners Nicholas Lopez, Kansas City Royals. Quentin Holmes, Cleveland Indians and Logan Shore, Oakland A’s.


“The Lou Malnati’s Chicago deep dish pizza and baseball go hand-in-hand. "It was a privilege to bring together professional baseball players from across the country and kids from Homeward Bound for an evening of encouragement and fun all over our famous Chicago-style deep dish pizza,” says Mike Sterner, District Manager of Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.

Homeward Bounds aids homeless families by providing them with housing and a program of services that help them get back on their feet. About 150 homeless families were served last year alone by Homeward Bound, and 75% of families who leave Homeward Bound are able to get their own housing. 

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