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Happy Together and so many solid gold hits in one show

It’s the show when fans of the classic sixties and seventies hits- especially of the famous Turtles (the original guys known as Flo and Eddie ) have the chance to celebrate the nostalgic classics.  Yes, The Turtles, along with a handful of other famous artists who topped the charts in that exciting era, present a memorable evening !

It’s the Happy Together Tour - named for one of the most famous Turtles’ hits and I've seen it several times in different cities.  

Turtles’ co-founder Mark Voleman, tells me it never gets old . (And they tour in the summer 36 cities, night after night.)  These two talented guys from Westchester who made it into the fast lane of stardom, and even hung out with the Beatles, are also good storytellers with an entertaining sense of humor.  

What an intimate concert experience!  Almost everyone in the audience knows the words and relives the songs in their own way and reminisces!  The Turtles co-founders Mark Voleman and Howard Kaylan are the staple in this summer tour traveling across the country with their favorite hit bands.

Mark and Howard don’t take the harmonic convergence of five years of hits for granted and they enjoy each experience every year in every city. “It’s the audience that makes each concert different,” says Mark on a break from his Beverly Hills concert. "The audience is a big part of it and we still love doing it night after night!"

This summer’s other hit maker headliners are Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night, The Association, The Cowsills, The Box Tops , The Archies and Ron Dante. (If you don’t quite remember their names and you grew up in this era, you will definitely know their songs! )

happy together promo

The tour actually began in 1984, then again since 2010. From June they started in MS then in July and August, for example, they'll be hopping in their two large tour buses, from Beverly Hills, San Diego to Phoenix, Las Vegas Danbury, Red Bank to Wilmington, KY, IL, MN and …. you get the picture… 

This an evening of hit after hit…after HIT!  Get ready to close your eyes - travel back to the sixties and seventies with those who shaped the eras musically - and move and “groove” as they say - to the rhythm. 

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