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Two of the eligibles are set up with each other. Is it a match?

KTVK’s Olivia Fierro thought it would be fun to pair a couple of AZ Foothills most eligible Phoenicians up with each other for a date! So Nora Lindquist and Rachit Kumar thought they'd give Cupid Fierro a try.

The two young professionals are among the 20 most eligible Phoenicians featured in the current issue of Arizona Foothills Magazine. 

As Olivia’s co-anchor Scott Pasmore points out, the two singles did really well on the lunch date, especially considering the added pressure of the TV cameras. 

 Not only that, but Nora and Rachit were invited into the KTVK studios to appear live at a later date on the morning show and critiqued by dating expert Dr. Lisa Vallejos.

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(As seen in AZ Foothills;  Darleen Santore, Rachit and Nora Lindquist)

 Dr. Lisa gave their dating skills a good grade,  saying the two both appeared very comfortable in an awkward situation. 

  So were Nora, who works in aviation industry at Jet Linx and Rachit, a radiation oncologist,  a good match? No, not a love connection this time, but it was definitely, they say, a friend connection.

KTVK’s Jaime Cerreta and Kim Quinterro are also among the singles spotlighted in the AZ Foothills issue, along withTravis Shumake, Darleen Santore, Erik Merkow, Bob Stump, Kelley Primc, Harper Babin, Chris Thompson, Steve Hanson, Shannon Campbell, Dan Bowman,Darcy Olsen, Shannon Beaver, Michael Banovac, Robert Patrick, Jason Sani and Turtoro Verity. You can check out AZ Foothill’s Melissa Larsen’s story here and the story on KTVK-TV  here

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