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Kathy's scoop on Kat from Scottsdale getting a rose on the next episode.

 There are rumors swirling about the Scottsdale woman who is vying for the heart of Juan Pablo on "The Bachelor."  The rumors are that Kat (pictured above on her date photogrpahed by Fred Hayes and pictured below in one of the exclusive photos I took of her behind the scenes of the network’s auditions) gets another rose on the upcoming episode. 

kat wat 

(Kathy's photo of Kat behind the scenes of The Bachelor)

 The 29 year old medical sales rep who salsa danced with Juan at their first meeting, was one of only two women who also had a one-on-one date with him. In keeping with the posh style of T"he Bachelor" show, the couple hopped a private jet and Juan whisked her away to Salt Lake City. There, they join the runners for an evening 5k event called the Electric Run.

 Kat, who has a B.A. in dance, danced her way to the finish line in neon running gear with the former soccer player. And yes, it seems quite appropriate because there were some SPARKS between the couple. Juan Pablo is impressed with her dancing and the fact that she moved from her native Iowa to Arizona for her job and that career is important.

 By the way.. I love, love, that the show included and spotlighted an animal rescue in the first episode. It was for the group date of 13 of the women who pose in dresses and bikinis for a photo shoot with a group of the adorables from Best Friends Animal Society (the Utah based organization’s mission is to  is end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters.)

 bachelor animals

Many thanks to ABC and The Bachelor and its producers for spotlighting the adoptable dogs and the non-profit group's work to help animals!

So, will the electricity between Kat from Scottsdale, Arizona, and bachelor Juan Pablo continue after the date at the Electric Run? My sources say yes, yes, and Kat gets another rose from Juan this week!

 Stay tuned. 


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