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Kathy’s details on the church ceremony and the gorgeous fete.

Phoenix native Jack McCain, 27, donning his Navy uniform for a church wedding ceremony, changed into a white tuxedo for the lavish dinner celebration and swept his new bride Renee Swift, 29, across the dance floor.  (She had also changed from her stunning white strapless wedding gown into a tiered classy evening dress.)  

It was nothing short of an elegant celebration for  Sen. John McCain and wife Cindy McCain’s son, a Navy Lieutenant and helicopter pilot stationed in Guam. It’s where he met Renee Swift, an Air Force Reserve Captain.


 The couple was married at the historic Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill in San Francisco. Following the ceremony, the McCain family and their closest friends gathered at the California Academy of Sciences for the beautiful reception. Guests were seated for dinner at a long, lavishly decorated table. Joining the family and friends were Washington D.C. well knowns such as McCain's 2008 presidential campaign manager Rick Davis and Campaign Adviser Charlie Black

 Mitt Romney was among the guests who attended the rehearsal dinner, the evening prior, at the Fairmont Hotel. Mitt, in the Hawaiian themed evening, was sporting a shirt with hula dancer drawings and a wooden necklace.  Jack McCain's sister, Meghan McCain adorned her hair with tropical colored headbands around her forehead. 

The bride and groom will honeymoon in Africa.

 By the way.. never one to relax too long, Sen. John McCain, after a late Saturday night of celebrating with family and friends at the wedding, was headed early Sunday morning to a satellite appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Congrats to the McCain family!


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