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Why Kathy thinks these event chairs' creative idea could become a trend.

 Fundraising committees are always looking for new twists for their events, especially ones which will help attract new supporters and keep the loyal ones coming back. It's a challenge, especially for the committees, such as the "Key to the Cure" who want to keep their expenses low.  But the co-chairs for the annual champagne breakfast, fashion show and shopping benefit at Saks Fifth Avenue have come up with a wonderful creative twist. 

  As committee members gathered at Seasons 52 for its kick off meeting, the chairwomen revealed a brilliantly fashionable idea. "We wanted  to come up with a way to get the men involved," said co-chair Jacquie Dorrance of the primarily female attended event to raise money for TGen and cancer research.  Not only did Jacquie and Co-chairs Katie Mueller, Robyn Debell and Penny Gunning decide to add a new men's night to help raise more funds by selling men's shirts, but, the designer shirts will be informally showcased by female models! 

The committee applauded the idea and will be "rolling up their sleeves"  to work on embracing the chairwomen's new ideas. They will continue to feature the event's signature Surprise Boxes which were sold in past years for $75 each.  Surprises in the past included a certificate for $300 cash, for example. As Co-chair Robyn Debell notes, "each box has a value of over $100 the boxes and are so popular, and since it's Saks Fifth Avenue's 50th anniversary this year, you never know what surprises the boxes will hold."

2012 key

(Key to the Cure 2012)

 The Key to the Cure kicks off Saks Fifth Avenue’s national charity shopping Friends and Family weekend fundraiser held at Saks locations throughout the country. Its Saks nationwide fundraising initiative to raise money for cancer research and treatment. In Phoenix, Saks donates 2% percent of all its sales from the its Friends and Family weekend beginning October 17th to TGEN.

The Key to the Cure breakfast, fashion show, and shopping will be at Saks in Phoenix on October 18, 2013 at 8:30.a.m. and the men's night will be on October 16, 2013. Ticket prices for the October 18th event which benefit TGen 100%, start at $125 person. For more info contact the TGen Foundation (602) 343-8411.

(By the way... I predict the new men's night out with women modeling the fabulous men's shirts - will become a trend and weave its way onto the runway of other fashion shows! ) 


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