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Kathy Shayna Shocket has the inside scoop on the Valley's social scene and Celebrities.rodpenny 

Kathy recommends celebrity books for gifts and addresses rumors of Rod Stewart in Phoenix.

There are several new celebrity books out that make for fantastic  stocking stuffers or those kindles of course.  Here are three of my favorites -including Rod Stewart’s autobiography. The book revealing the man behind the rock n’ roll persona is quite the entertaining read about his rise to super-stardom from his first jobs as a grave digger, and football player. Not bad , as he says,  for a guy with a frog in his throat. 

Phoenix Rumors: By the way, there have been rumors for years that Rod Stewart lives in Phoenix and several people still insist that he lives here. However, Rod lives with his wife Penny and their children in Beverly Hills and Epping Essex. 


 This first autobiography from Rod, the rocker with that wonderfully famous voice and great hair , let’s his hair down about his multiple marriages, divorces and affairs and his brush with thyroid cancer which jeopardized his career. 


Valerie Bertinelli’s cookbook with stories behind the dishes is also a great stocking stuffer.   Not only is the actress "Hot in Cleveland",  but she can HEAT UP the kitchen with her great family Italian recipes that have shaped her life. "In my mind, a good cookbook is about relationships. It's a collection of love stores," notes Valerie.  And I love how the successful Valerie puts it,  that when you are solid in your personal life the rest is gravy! Speaking of gravy- she has a great meat loaf recipe in her "One Dish at a Time" book.


Meghan McCain’s book “Dirty, Sexy Politics” would make a great holiday gift especially for those who follow politics. The popular straight talking progressive daughter  Senator John McCain and Cindy McCain takes the reader behind the scenes of her father’s political campaign, and her surprising role in serious political issues.Meghan doesn't shy away from serious issues and her raucous humor and down-to-earth style keep her positions accessible.       ENJOY!


Kathy Shayna Shocket is a freelance Reporter, Photographer and TV-Field Producer based in Phoenix. She is a former TV-Reporter who has also written for TIME Magazine, PEOPLE Magazine, Money Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and the New York Times. She can be reached at redkarpetgirl@aol.com