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Kathy's behind the scenes dish on Valerie's book and shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

While in the green room chatting with Valerie Bertinelli about her family life - her son arrives.  “There’s Wolfie,” she says as she greets him with a big bear hug.  Wolfie, short for Wolfgang has the sweetheart smile of his actress and author mother and the multi-instrumentalist talents of his father rocker Eddie Van Halen and his uncle Alex Van Halen. (Check out their great smiles in the photo below I snapped of Valerie, Wolfie and Olivia Ebert.)


Valerie’s now married to the handsome businessman Tom Vitale who also joined her in the “green room”. Of course, most green rooms aren’t green, but this one was really unique. That’s because it was a “green room” at Scottsdale Fashion Square where Valerie was not only waiting to sign copies of her book,"One Dish at a Time",  but then go holiday shopping again in the mall!


(Valerie and Scottsdale Fashion Mall's Steve Helm, flanked by Katie Worthington, Sona Patel and Kate Birchier)

The book signing in the wing of the mall near Barney's was co-hosted by Williams Sonoma and the Scottsdale Fashion Square. It’s the third book for the former child star most famous for her role on “One Day at  a Time”. Valerie also known for her Jenny Craig commercials, now stars in TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland.”

Not only is Valerie "Hot in Cleveland", but she can HEAT UP the kitchen with her great family Italian recipes that have shaped her life. "In my mind, a good cookbook is about relationships. It's a collection of love stores," notes Valerie.  And I love how the successful Valerie puts it,  that when you are solid in your personal life the rest is gravy! Speaking of gravy- she has a great meat loaf recipe in her "One Dish at a Time" book.


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