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Kathy's latest: Where Michael Jackson's mother was amidst the rumors of her being kidnapped.

 While the world and Katherine Jackson’s own grandchildren were looking for her this past week- she was at the Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson. Although there were so many conflicting reports (and why not?- even her own family was fighting over mis-information) Michael Jackson’s mother was at the resort. My sources are disputing that she was there the entire time. By the way, the private villa she was in - also affords its own butler.   

 But...  Katherine Jackson, who has just emerged to say she is safe and sound, says she was there for nine days for rest and relaxation... My sources tell me she may not have gotten much of that. And my sources say there were some very interesting “family” visitors and apparently was a lot of arguing about the family drama that unraveled. 


 On top of that - after the emergency custody hearing, Katherine’s lawyer was asked why she couldn’t phone her grandkids and tell them she was all right.He reportedly replied that it was because the section of the resort she was staying at for a vacation didn’t have phones or computers. 

Not only did Katherine say something different when she emerged last night - but the luxury villa she stayed at in the resort - has a working phone as well as working wi-fi. Katherine stated: “One reason I haven’t called was because I gave up my phone and didn’t want any calls.”


“ Before I left, as I said, I put everything in order with the appropriate people to take care of my children for me and it's really bad to hear that what's going on at home, and the children have been taken away -- but I know that ... I'll get there in time to get them back.”

During the time Katherine was MIA.. daughter Janet Jackson had an intimidating confrontation with Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson. It was captured on the security tape at the grandchildren’s home in Calabasas...(Hmm.. who leaked the tape to the media?)

Shortly after that confrontation with Paris Jackson, Janet Jackson flew to Tucson to be at Katherine’s side when the matriarch  finally emerged. In addition to Janet, she was flanked by Rebbie, Jermaine and Rebbie’s daughter Stacey

Also, apparently one the Jackson’s staff at the Calabasas house is from Arizona.  Stay tuned.


Kathy Shayna Shocket is a freelance Reporter, Photographer and TV-Field Producer based in Phoenix. She can be reached at redkarpetgirl@aol.com