Home Home & Design Homes 'Flipping Females' Empower Local Women to Enter Fix & Flip Real Estate Investing

A group of ambitious Valley women are leading the game in local real estate by blazing the path for others to get involved in hands-on real estate investment projects.


They call themselves the Flipping Females. Spearheaded by Catherine Bell, Elizabeth Hooley, Celina Acosta and Vanessa Guizar, the grassroots group empowers and supports likeminded women who are looking to break into the fix and flip market and establish themselves within local real estate. For the uninitiated, house flipping is when real estate investors purchase houses, fix and repair, and then resell them for a greater profit.

The Flipping Females is backed by real estate investing mentoring and training organization The Matrix Real Estate Investor Network. Located in downtown Phoenix, the Matrix offers its members ongoing seminars, resources, information, and group networking, in addition to one-on-one mentoring with a real Phoenix real estate investing professional doing deals locally.

The Flipping Females highlights the power of women mentoring women to succeed in a mostly male dominated industry with purpose, poise and power.

“You can be any type of woman with any background, any age, with any education level and you can be successful,” said Acosta, director of mentoring for Flipping Females, who is also an active real estate investor, wholesaler, rehabber and realtor in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. “You just need the right training, tools and support from other women. Being married and having young kids, I have the flexibility to do that and be my own boss. I want to be an example for other women.”