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If you live in the Phoenix area, you undoubtedly know that we are in a seller’s market. So what does this mean?

What this means is that the inventory of homes for sale is low. This means there are more buyers than sellers. It is the old supply and demand theory you learned in high school economics.

However, with this in mind, as a seller, do not get too comfortable with this idea. This does not mean that if you throw your house on the market, it is guaranteed to sell. Like anything, you need to come prepared to the market!

Seller Tips:

1) De-clutter

  • Even if your home is full of beautiful collectibles, you do not want the buyers focused on your collections. You want them focusing on your home.
  • Clear out your closets. Go ahead and start packing a few items for your move. You can store them with a neighbor or family member.
  • Make sure your master closet is 3/4 empty. Pack 1/4 of your clothes and shoes away.
  • Invest in wooden hangers for your closets.  Most importantly, make sure you have the same type of hangers.  Don’t mix and match.
  • Group clothing.  All your pants together, shirts, dresses, etc. 
  • Arrange your shoes and bags.
  • Fold your sweaters (if you are in Phoenix, you won’t have many).

3) Clean

  • We are talking a deep clean.
  • If buyers see areas that need cleaning, they start deducting money off the price.

4) Curb Appeal

  • Clear all weeds. This is a challenge in the spring, but get out there and get rid of the weeds.  Invest in a hula hoe (those not living in Phoenix yet may need to Google this.)  
  • Remove any dead plants. Buyers have dollars in mind, and they will deduct for this.
  • Plant flowers.
  • Clean your door and entry.

5) Stage Your Home

  • You don’t need to hire someone to do this.
  • Set the table with nice place settings.
  • Fresh flowers. 
  • You can also buy a couple of living plants. Yes, the kind you have to water.
  • Make your master bath feel like a spa by adding some simple candles and fresh, clean towels and bath mats.
  • Add a cookbook to your kitchen opening it to an inviting illustration of a delicious dish.

The most important thing to keep in mind…

6) Price 

  • If your home is priced above the market, buyers will shy away from your home all together. 
  • If you price your home at the current market price in this seller’s market, it should create multiple offers and drive the price above the market value.

For more ideas, go to http://pinterest.com/allisoncahill25/ideas-for-sellers/  and www.allisoncahill.com.


----Allison Cahill, Realtor for Keller Williams Integrity First