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The Dump offers a unique furniture shopping experience to its loyal and new customers through discounted prices on luxury furniture brands in 11 different locations across the United States.

According to The Dump, there are five rules that drive their belief of offering great deals to its customers. These five rules epitomize the culture The Dump fosters within each location, helping set them apart from their competitors.

1.) The first rule of The Dump is to never pay full price. By partnering with various companies, The Dump buys overstock, designs samples and pieces from closeouts that make offering unbeatable prices to its customers more feasible. The Dump buys these items at discounted rates to help lower the cost for its customers.

2.) The Dump does not believe in investing in fancy showrooms or staffing high pressure sales associates to get customers to buy their product. The simplicity of the store makes the product more ‘shoppable’ for customers looking to purchase new furniture items for their home.  

3.) Next, The Dump prides themselves in offering up to 80-percent off for famous brand-name furniture pieces that are elegant and unique.

4.) Their fourth rule is to ensure that selections will constantly be changing and offer customers new, unique items to shop from on a weekly basis. New selections from living, dining, bedroom and fine rugs arrive weekly.

5.) Their fifth and final rule is to service customers solely on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unlike any other furniture store, The Dump believes in cutting their cost of operation to help ensure that their prices are unbeatable while maintaining a healthy running business.

Their location in Arizona is located at 1345 W. Elliot Rd. Tempe, Arizona 85282. Their hours are Friday - Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. To browse their unique furniture selection or to learn more about The Dump, visit www.thedump.com

Story by: Hector Salas