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On the farm, you need storage buildings for everything. You need them to hold your harvest, to process grains, to store feed, and to separate your animals when they are sick or in need of care. Not just any building with four walls will do the job though. Your farm is subject to some pretty brutal conditions, and your storage buildings need to be able to withstand them all, including extreme weather, corrosion and pressure.

Be thorough and deliberate in your search for new storage buildings. Here are a few things you'll need to look for in the proper storage buildings for your farm:

Foundation Versatility

Some storage buildings have to be built on a slab foundation, while others can be built on piers or a perimeter foundation. You need to select storage buildings that can be built on different foundations for versatility in placement. Some areas of your farm may not be level or firm enough for a slab foundation.

By choosing buildings that have different foundation options, you can maintain uniformity while still building throughout your farm. You won't have to buy different buildings for the different types of terrain.


You have enough to do running a farm. Between herding the animals and tilling the land and hauling huge loads of harvest, you don't want to have to be painting, sanding or sealing your storage buildings, as well.

Steel buildings like those from Rhino Steel are a good option because they are very low maintenance. You won't have to deal with the hassle of scraping old paint, replacing rotting wood, sealing finishes, and so on.

Weather Resistance

Besides maintenance, repairs are the biggest hassle in keeping up your storage buildings. Choosing a weather-resistant storage building will reduce the risk of damage from rust, rotting, warping and more from heavy rain storms, snow and even extreme temperature fluctuations.

Not only will a weather-resistant building experience fewer repairs, but it will also protect your harvest and your livestock against the elements. With the right building, you will save a lot of money and make your farm operations more efficient.


If you find the right storage building, you can use it for a variety of purposes. You can use the same building for sorting grain as you can for holding cows. You just have to make the right modifications.

The storage building doesn't have to come with all the tools or accessories needed for the particular work you have in mind. It just has to have the capacity to accommodate the tools and equipment you need.

Choosing your storage buildings may not seem like a complicated decision. However, you have a great variety of options, and it is important that you choose wisely to support the smooth operation of your farm. Storage buildings aren't just background players on your farm. You will use them every day, and the right buildings will make it easier for you to do your job, will reduce your waste, and will minimize your overhead costs.