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You may have seen the digital billboards around town with various slogans such as “Now Sue can find her Shoe” and “Now Marco can find his Polo”. For the past two months or so, Classy Closets, a national cabinetry and shelving solutions company, based out of Scottsdale, held a social media contest for Valley residents to submit their best slogan. To enter, residents submitted their slogans via the Classy Closets Facebook Contest Application.

With hundreds of entries submitted, a $500 cash prize was up for grabs for the best slogan submitted. Our very own Michael Dee was asked to sit on the judges’ board to help choose the catchiest slogan for Classy Closets. Also judging were Classy’s vice president of sales and marketing, Bob Lesueur; and Aric Zion, CEO of Zion & Zion, the agency that implemented the campaign. The entries were pared down to a top ten list with the winner being “Now Minnie can find her skirt.”

“It was a tough decision with all of the fun entries, but after voting, we determined that winning slogan that deserved the 500 dollars,” stated Bob LeSueur.

Aric Zion added, “It’s always fun working on projects like these for clients, but the part that really excites us are the social media analytics that proved what a success the campaign was.”

Close runners up were “Now the Obamas can find their Pajamas” and “Now Hannity can find his Sanity.”   

Other slogans that cracked a smile on the judges’ faces were:
“Now My Boys can find their Toys”
“Now Dorothy can find her Ruby Slippers”
“Now the Emperor can find his New Clothes”
“Now Sponge Bob can find his Square Pants”
“Now J. Edgar can find his Hoover”
“Now Fifi can find her Poodle Skirt”
“Now Chloe can find What She Hid From Her Husband”

Phoenix area resident Jennifer Downs, who submitted several slogans, was the winner of the contest and was thrilled that her slogan was chosen.

The contest has been so successful, with re-tweets and sharing by prominent Phoenix area media personalities and loyal followers and fans that Classy is considering implementing additional social media contests next year.

Classy Closets has two locations in the Phoenix area—one in Chandler  on Chandler Blvd. and one in Scottsdale, on Scottsdale Rd.—for all of your home storage solution needs.