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Jeremy McVicars, president and designer of Refined Gardens, is skilled at pinpointing his client’s desires and making them come alive. Sometimes the most difficult part of the project is initially expressing exactly what you want. However, he is versed in effectively communicating with clients to pull ideas and visions out of their minds and illustrate them onto paper. Even when clients are not sure exactly what they want, Jeremy is able to direct them towards a final result that fits their needs and desires.

Jeremy and his team begin every project with a sketch, drawn by hand, to capture the essence of the client’s vision. This makes the project a more collaborative effort that helps to better develop the idea and concept. It is an art that a computer cannot replicate.  The sketches allow client’s ideas and Jeremy’s skills to be seen before the project is started.

Once the client has approved the design, they move forward with colored pencils and graphic markers with 3-D models and auto-cad drawings. They are able to use technology to enhance their already expert level of design and creative talent.

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Pleased with their end result, one client said, “You had the vision of just what it would look like from the beginning, then made it come to life.”

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Refined Gardens is able to blend different elements and themes together to create designs to fit every client’s personalities and priorities. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have a jumble of ideas in your head, the team at Refined Gardens can direct you to a place where your ideas can come to life. They have proven they can deliver end results that fill every need while successfully replicating the original vision. In an industry where client’s desires are specific and visions mean everything, it’s important to be able to deliver exactly what is expected. With Refined Gardens, what you see is what is delivered.