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Expert at transforming backyard spaces into blissful sanctuaries, Jeremy McVicars of Scottsdale’s Refined Gardens is adept at blending his design expertise with each client’s varied desires. The President and Director of Design along with his team have managed over $35 million in landscape design and construction. His portfolio ranges from large extensive projects, to cozy and quiet gardens. Refined Gardens provides design and construction services for commercial, resort, and residential.

Tackling a recent remodeling project, Jeremy transformed this DC Ranch backyard from favorable to remarkably stunning.

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The before pictures show the fairly empty backyard encompassed by the mundane brown walls surrounding it. The after pictures show the amazing transformation that Jeremy was able to accomplish by adding in a hand carved gray limestone fireplace that sits under the 8x8 stain corbel cut wood beams. The beams, lying atop stone columns, provide just enough shade but still plenty of sunshine to strike through, creating an inviting Ramada. New silver travertine flooring runs through the backyard and creates a tranquil feel. Imported planters from the Southeast and an updated grill add in the extra perks of this remodel and serve to complete this lucky resident’s backyard escape.

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The more open backyard shows a less congested pool area, which highlights the views of the distant mountains. As one client said of Jeremy’s work, “It was a great use of resources to create a backyard environment where we are able to enjoy the city and mountain views. Jeremy clearly had the vision for it.” 

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This DC Ranch project is a perfect representation of Jeremy’s work, and what Refined Gardens is all about. Their philosophy “Design – Build – Maintain” is delivered though every one of their projects. Jeremy and his team work diligently to passionately infuse their years of experience into outdoor nirvanas. 

Contact Jeremy and his team:


7147 E. Rancho Vista Dr., Suite 121, Scottsdale, AZ 85251