Home Features Tech Inspectress Gadget: Valley of the Dolls- AT&T and Vitality Launch Intelligent Pill Caps

Half the country is on prescription medication. Whether you consider that a good thing or a bad thing, we all know what happens when people stop taking meds they really need.  And whether it’s very important mood-enhancers, Lipitor or Yasmin, it can be hard for patients to remember to pop the top each day. Especially elderly patients.

Let’s hope those are vitamins.

Vitality, Inc. and AT&T have an awesome solution for the millions who fail to regularly take their meds, a bad habit that can lead to ineffective medications, jeoparaized health, and increased costs. GlowCaps! These wirelessly-connected pill tops remind users (and just about everyone else) it’s med time—all through the AT&T network!

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