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Looking to promote your grand opening? Or perhaps you have another event in the works? The Valley's own family-owned and -operated Big Dawg Productions provides door-to-door marketing with endless possibilities that allows you to "take a bite out of the competition."

James McKinney, owner of Big Dawg Promotions, came up with the idea for his company directly from his own struggles as a small-business owner. All of his business ventures had some success, but he found a common thread among them: the extraordinary amount of money and time spent on advertising. So he developed Big Dawg Promotions to help small-business owners achieve advertising goals without having to chase leads themselves or create financial distress.

Big Dawg Productions offers flyers, magnets, calendars and more to help spread the word about its clients. And best of all, the process is easy and the prices can't be beat. 

Call 602.292.2091 for more information.