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Photo Credit: Hector Salas Almeida

Story By: Hector Salas Almeida

It all began while running drills on the track and at basketball practice in high school, where he worked on nailing down his agility and elevating his performance on the court and track. Slowly, Michael Gagnon began to invest time into sculpting his physique while playing sports and hitting the weight room for grueling workouts twice a day.  

Michael Gagnon is a 22-year-old entrepreneur who started his own online fitness training and coaching website, MPG Athletics,  where he offers a wide range of services that help individuals get fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

Gagnon writes nutrition regimens, prepares exercise plans and offers advice on supplements suited to reach individualized fitness goals. Coaching various people from the average housewife to students and professionals, Gagnon tailors each fitness regimen to their specific needs and creates nutrition plans that incorporate some of their favorite foods to help the individual stay committed to the plan.

“You have a global reach. You are not just limiting yourself to people in your area and you can reach anyone,” Gagnon said.  He continued stating that the level of impact an online personal training website can be maximized if it is properly exposed on social media websites and other platforms by generating traffic to the website. This is what he has been doing to help bridge the gap between people who dream about being fit and living an active lifestyle and their goals.  

Signing up is quick and easy. Gagnon makes each client fill out a questionnaire to help him gage what the individual wants to gain from the experience as a whole and get a snapshot of what their lifestyle looks like.  

He uses weekly check ins via email with pictures to see how the plan is working. You can tell when people are only doing half of the plan, so he adjusts the regimen to optimize the level of outcome each person has.

“Train for longevity,” he said. The most important thing is to focus on your personal long term goals and not training for short term goals or for quick results, he added. 

Posting workout videos, pictures and the occasional shameless shirtless pictures helped increase his following on social media over the years. Currently, Gagnon’s Instagram page has 61,000 followers who look to him for fitness tips and information that he provides with each posts. Last year he had 18,000 followers and has built his online brand by providing a unique perspective on fitness given his extensive knowledge on the subject . Gagnon likes to engage with his followers to help foster a sense of community and help motivate people to excel in every aspect of life.

Gagnon said that his online personal coaching website started from people who would directly message him and ask for help. They would ask him to help with reach their fitness goals.

He is moving MPG Athletics is moving to Southern California later in October to help expand the online fitness company by increasing the capacity to which Gagnon networks with individuals in the fitness community.  This move will help grow his online company because it will widen the scope of his reach while increasing the level of exposure his personal brand has.

As a sponsored athlete with Live Fit Apparel, a fitness clothing company based in California, Gagnon wears their clothes and embodies what the brands stands for. He posts photos and videos wearing the fitness apparel brand and showcases how he makes fitness a lifestyle instead of a mundane routine. 

Gagnon said he would love to pursue modeling and acting and hopes to one day open a studio gym in Los Angeles where he can foster a tight knit fitness community that embraces fitness lifestyles.


Photo Credit: Hector Salas Almeida