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Junior Future Face of Foothills: Ellie York, 11 



Photo by Danny Raustadt - BiggerPictureImages.com

AFM: How did it feel to hear your name called as the winner of Junior Future Face of Foothills?

EY: Absolutely unreal. This was something that was really important to me and meant a lot to me and knowing that I won I can't even contain my happiness. I still can't believe I am part of such an amazing magazine and I am absolutely blessed to be called Winner of Junior Future Face of Foothills.

AFM: What made you enter the FOF competition?

EY: My mom definitely motivated me. I remember a couple years back when I saw the finale at Fashion Square Mall and I watched a girl about my age now get crowned as Future Face of Foothills. I remember her reaction and how happy she looked so looking back on that defiantly motivated me and got me super excited to enter. 

AFM: How was the competition process for you?

EY: It was definitely something that I will never regret, but something I wouldn't exactly consider doing again. Being an 11 year old girl I have a lot of responsibilities and a lot going on other than school and homework and getting all the votes didn't come as easy as it could have. Luckily my parents, their friends and some of my friends took the time to vote for me as well and without them definitely wouldn't be here. I did spend countless weekends myself voting in order to keep up and I am so happy I never gave up.

AFM: What are you looking forward to most now that you are the Junior Future Face of Foothills? 

EY: Honestly, I'm really excited for a lot of things. One thing I am super excited about is going around town and doing promotional events. I love meeting new people within the Arizona Foothills Magazine community.  I am also definitely looking forward to shooting with the magazine and seeing my spread. That is something that has always been a dream of mine and to think its coming true so soon and quickly is absolutely amazing. Not many 11 year olds can say that they have shot with a magazine and have a spread in one and to think that pretty soon I can is not even real.

AFM: Do you have plans to enter again in the future for either Future Face of Foothills or Face of Foothills? 

EY: I would definitely love to enter for Face of Foothills one day when I am older. But to be honest, the voting process is very time consuming and I would have to think about it for a long time before I could commit to it again. Being in this contest has been absolutely amazing and I have met so many amazing and beautiful people and that is one of the best parts of this contest and that is something I would love to do again.