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For 18 years, Brandel Chamblee made his career out on the course as a pro golfer. Now, the Golf Channel commentator is sharing his experiences, tips and love of local courses as Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau’s newly named official golf ambassador. (Check out Chamblee’s golf “rules” at www.ilovescottsdalegolf.com.) Here, the golf great shares how he got into the game and names a few of his gold-star greens.


AFM: Was golf always your passion?
BC: No. Football, baseball, track and horses came first, in that order. Perhaps girls somewhere in there as well.
AFM: So, what piqued your interest in the sport?
BC: When I was 13 and I realized that horses fall on you and football players were as big as horses.
AFM: Was it an easy transition to
move from player to commentator?
BC: No, not at all. Golf is the most selfish endeavor I can think of. TV is the team game to end all team games. Took me a while to find my voice.
AFM: Tell me about your new role with Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau?
BC: [I’m] helping promote the
greatest golf destination in the world. The nightlife isn’t bad either.
AFM: What is your overall impression
of the Valley golf scene?
BC: Undervalued. There is no better place in the world to do business
and have lifelong memories created.
AFM: Why have you chosen
to make Scottsdale your home?
BC: Because it’s gorgeous
in the off season.
AFM: Do you have a favorite local course? What about worldwide?
BC: My only local favorite is the course I happen to be playing that
day. Oak Hill in San Antonio is
my favorite worldwide.
AFM: What is your advice for a youngster who wants to get into the game?
BC: Study the fundamentals hard—never abandon them. Avoid fads.
AFM: What do you like to do in
your off time? Where can we see
you around the Valley?
BC: I like to hike, bike and read. You can find me in the mountains, on the bike trails, at Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and Zinc Bistro.



Spot in Scottsdale for purchasing golf gear:
Grayhawk Golf Club

Local 19th hole:
Grayhawk Golf Club
Golf-inspired movie:
“Follow the Sun,” the life story of Ben Hogan. I cry every time I watch.
All-time player:
Jack Nicklaus
Hole you’ve ever played:
18th at Riviera [Country Club] in Los Angeles