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With his first two seasons as the Arizona Cardinals quarterback behind him, Kevin Kolb and his family are fully settling into the Valley. AFM caught up with the Texas-born athlete on his new charity, Kevin Kolb’s Pass It 4ward Foundation, which provides support for seriously ill and physically challenged children in the state, and how his ribs are faring after his damaging hit early in the 2012 season.


AFM: How are you feeling? How are your ribs?

KK: They’re doing good. The last couple of days [in the fall] I’ve been able to get proactive with my therapy and been able to be aggressive and that’s when you feel like you’re doing something. When you’re just trying to rest, you don’t feel the growing process, but the last few days have been really good and going in the right direction.

AFM: Do you remember what happened with the play that caused your injury?

KK: I remember it verbatim. It was a busted play, a two-minute situation. So I tried to run at first, and once I saw that it was kind of collapsing on me, I dove to the ground to get to the next play as soon as possible so we didn’t waste much time. I landed on my right shoulder, and then they crumbled me from shoulder to shoulder. And everything compacted together, and your ribs aren’t made to go through a car wreck like that, so it was a unique situation.

AFM: It seems that you’re positive and really upbeat about the situation. How did that affect you when you were on such a high from a winning streak?

KK: I always look at everything like I’m dealt that hand for a reason. And maybe God knows something that I don’t know. That’s how I stay positive in the situations that I’m dealt. Even if it’s something I don’t see right now, maybe it’s something I will see four or five years down the road.

AFM: With NFL player safety being a big topic recently, what’s your opinion on this subject?

KK: It is always tough when someone gets hurt playing this game, especially with someone so young. We always need to take player safety into consideration.

AFM: Kevin Kolb’s Celebs & Steaks took place in November in support of your Pass It 4ward Foundation. Is there more charity work and events to come?

KK: Definitely. After this event we can begin launching different programs through the foundation in Phoenix children’s hospitals. Also, we will work on another Celebs & Steaks for [2013].

AFM: You completed your second year as an Arizona Cardinal. Are you and your family settling into Phoenix?

KK: Yeah, we love Phoenix. My girls and I are settling in and learning the area. We keep finding new things since there is so much going on in this city.

AFM: What are some things that you and your family like doing when you’re not busy playing football?

KK: Mostly just spending time together. With how much time I spend away from them, we just like to be together no matter what we are doing.

AFM: Do you and your wife have any favorite local spots?

KK: Well, right now, it has to be Donovan’s. It has great family-style food and excellent service. You can never leave hungry.

AFM: What can we expect from you—on and off the field—in the future?

KK: On the field, my focus right now is to get healthy and back on the field to help my team. Off the field, I hope to make a difference through my foundation. Our goal is to help more than 250,000 children and their families by 2014.