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AdoraOm is a fashionable activewear line designed specifically for curvy women. AdoraOm is all about premium fashionable activewear that looks great on curvy gals and allows the plus-size woman to feel confident when she is doing any activity. The U.S-manufactured clothing line, based in Scottsdale, even has the "Triskillion" as the logo. The "Triskillion" is an ancient symbol that represents the three co-founders’ circle. Three women coming together to encourage, inspire and motivate other women. Get to know the co-founders of AdoraOm and listen to their amazing story in creating a fashion line tailored for women sizes 14W-24W. Do not forget to check out AdoraOm's Trunk show at Diva Women's Store in Scottsdale. Read on!

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Arizona Foothills Magazine: How did the idea of AdoraOm come about?  What was the inspiration?

AdoraOm: The idea to manufacture active wear for the plus size woman came to one of the founders while she was at an indoor cycling class.  She wondered why there weren’t any plus size women in the class. Was it because they didn’t come to the gym or was it because they had nothing really to wear other than a baggy T-shirt and sweat pants?  Once the founders agreed that plus size women deserve to look good like the other women in the gym, yoga class or around town they knew they could offer these women something that was clearly missing in the market place.  Premium fashionable active wear that would not only look great it would allow the plus size woman to feel confident when she was doing any activity.

AFM: Did you, the founders have experience in the plus size market?

AO: We did not have any experience in the plus size market, says Stacey Goldstein Co-Founder and Owner, so we brought in experts that did. Danielle Line our curvy consultant and fit model along with our pattern maker that is  plus size shared with us plenty of insight to get the right fit and nuances  for plus size women. 

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AFM: How has the response been to your garments and the brand?

AO: The customers whom have purchased AdoraOm so far love the garments, the quality and fit.  They continue to thank us for making products that they have been wanting for a long time, and no one has done it correctly until AdoraOm.  Our customers’ love that we fit the garments on a plus size model and addressed unique issues concerning fit, most other manufactures just scale up or down based on one size not taking into account what each of those sizes mean for the consumer.

AFM: What is the biggest thing each of you has learned so far?  How will this experience lead to your success? 

AO: As we stated above we were all new to the plus size market, so as you can understand there was a learning curve, we needed to understand how this audience makes decisions and what resonates with their specific. We found that fit was really the most important thing, we needed to manufacture garments that work for our customers, they need to feel comfortable and secure in what they are wearing.  We also learned that we are in a unique position of providing active wear; there really aren’t any other company manufacturing garments like ours for this audience.  The plus size women can’t go to LuluLemon and purchase a product because they just don’t offer them; this was a big hole in the market that we saw a need.  If we can empower the consumer to feel better about themselves through our garments then we have done something good and something that goes beyond just workout wear.

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AFM: We hear so much about “fit” for the plus size market, how important was creating the right fit of your garments? 

AO: We understood that fit was the most important component of any garment for the plus size women, and especially active wear.  Our first collection was fit on our Curvy Consultant, Danielle Line. She is a true size 16W so we based all our sizing on how she felt in the clothing. We even tested them by going to the gym with her so she could test how the garments actually felt while working out. Our team didn’t want to just grade up from a standard size 8, we wanted to make sure that are garments felt good, the fabric was comfortable and didn’t chafe; all of these components went into the development of our garments. 

AFM: AdoraOm offers a product that really can’t be found anywhere else, how is that impacting sales?

AO: Well, we are still a new company and working to get the word out. Opportunities like this where we can interact with our local community is great. We love to meet our customers face to face and build relationships and discuss the garments and what they might be looking for in the future.  Sales are moving along, we can’t be happier with the progress and feedback so far, says Julie Koenig Co-Founder and Owner.

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AFM: Do you see AdoraOm, as a company, as a promoter of health and fitness?  What does that mean for your target audience? Do you feel you might have a backlash, in terms of pushing folks to lose weight?  

AO: Yes, I think we are definitely a supporter of health and fitness, but who isn’t? says Jodi Geiger Co-Owner and Founder. We aim to build a healthy community around our AdoraOm customer, her life and her We hope to bring options to the plus size woman that empowers them to want to feel better about themselves. Even just a 20 min walk can make you feel better but if you have nothing to wear but baggy icky clothes then that’s not very inspiring. 

 AFM: Will we see AdoraOm in stores anytime soon?  

AO: Yes, we are very excited about our first Trunk Show taking place this Saturday February 4th at Diva Women’s Wear at The Shops at Gainey Village. We are hosting the event with Diva Women’s Wear from 10am to 5pm.  We, the founders will be in attendance and we are so looking forward to meeting our customers in person! 

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AFM: What’s the AdoraOm message/take away?

AO: There’s Room for Every Body!

Arizona Foothills Magazine is excited to announce that AdoraOm will featured in Diva Women's Wear Trunk show this Saturday. Find the perfect outfit for your body type and feel confident when you are out and about!

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