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Get to know Ann Siner, one half of the sister run resale clothing store, My Sister’s Closet.  She started the company with her sister, Jennifer, in 1991, and it’s sky rocketed since, having opened different variety stores for kids, men and furniture. She recently broke the state line and opened a location in San Diego, California.  A huge animal lover, she also logs countless hours into organizations such as the AZ Humane Society and Helping Animals Live On (HALO).   

Siner worked at PetSmart before jumping into fashion. She was extremely lucky to be the Director of Marketing and learn so much about having a business before starting her own. Siner has a very friendly yet independent personality, so she has trouble keeping her mouth shut in business meetings and such. This is when she knew she wanted something else. While on a business trip, she went into a second hand refinement store.  Siner wondered if there was anything like this in Phoenix or Scottsdale that had the three D’s, “Dark, Dirty and Dingy.” As it turned out, there was no vintage or second hand clothing store that was light and bright. The wheels started turning in Siner’s mind and the idea was born. She called her sister and the journey to create My Sister’s Closet had begun.

The process for opening up My Sister’s Closet was a difficult decision.  Siner would have to give up working at PetSmart and take on the big problems of owning a small business. She signed My Sister’s Closet to three shopping centers, but all declined.

There were times when Siner wondered if she should just give up. But she didn’t; she likes a challenge. Whenever people throw obstacles in her path, Siner is determined to prove them wrong. Together the sisters were going to help her make it happen!

Finally, there was a supporter and the store blossomed.

Working with siblings is hard enough, but owning a company with one is much trickier. Siner said this business has been a wonderful experience and working with her sister has been great. Of course there are times of argument, but the best part of working with a sibling is being able to talk to each other- even if that means being blunt and honest. The ideas are there, the creative thoughts get put into action and each are more willing to listen to one another because they are family. There are never any hurt feelings between the two because they will make the decision that is right for the family and for the company. My Sister’s Closet has flourished and grown into a $20 million business and they never borrowed a penny. It seems to us like the sister duo knows what they are doing. For now, Siner will continue to grow and branch out to different states. Also, My Sister’s Closet web presence is increasing and we can only expect great things to come in the future.

In Siner’s free time, she likes to volunteer with the Arizona Humane Society and other animal organizations. Besides loving fashion, she says, “There is something in my DNA where I have the need to pick up stray dogs wherever I see one.” She asks herself, “Why can’t I have five dogs?” Oh by the way, she has five dogs, including a 3-legged Chihuahua. We are excited to see what new animals Siner accumulates in the next few months and the growth My Sister’s Closet will have!


Attend My Sister's Closet event on Saturday 28th, 2012! Click here for details.