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If you haven't heard of Lisa Landry, you must be living under a rock. With her first TV credit at 9 years old, the Louisiana native hit the New York City scene. After nine years of open mics, she is officially a critically acclaimed comedian (you can even ask Punchline Magazine). With four years of comedy writing experience for Us Weekly's Fashion Police under her belt, appearances on all kinds of E! Channel specials, Fox, MSNBC, CMT, not-to-mention “Law & Order SVU,” a best-selling comedy CD Put Your Keys in the Key Bowl (2008), and her own "Comedy Central Presents: Lisa Landry" special, she is far from unaccomplished. As a wife, mother and Jewish convert, she likes to show us the funny side of life we can all relate to. Get to know her!

Arizona Foothills Magazine: So you’re from Louisiana. What made you want to move to NYC?

Lisa Landry: I moved to New York City because it always seemed so magical and full of promise, unlike Bourbon Street.    

AFM: You studied drama at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, but what made you start in comedy?

LL: I started doing comedy because I kept getting fired from every decent job I had and didn't have the discipline for law school. 

AFM: What was the best and worst part of all of those open mic years?

 LL: Why are you asking me about open mics? There is nothing good about them. That's like asking a burn victim what the best part of the blaze was.

AFM: When did you know you had made it big? Did it all come at once?

LL: I knew I made it big when a stripper (I was out celebrating a friend’s birthday, people!) in Denver didn't believe that I am actually Lisa Landry. She ID'd me. It came after many years of hard work and going to places like Scottsdale.

AFM: You have a husband and son. What are they like? Do they enjoy your comedy routines?

LL: My husband and son love my comedy routines. They both have great senses of humor. My son has impeccable timing! I like to think he got it in utero. 

AFM: You grew up in a Catholic household but converted to Judaism for your husband. What made you choose to do that?

LL: I converted because I respect Christianity but it wasn't the right fit for me. I’ve always had an affinity for the Jewish faith. I promised my mother-in-law I'd convert but put it off because it took so long. Unless you show up pregnant at the temple, then they fast track you.

AFM: Does your son, Ari, he give you a lot of inspiration as a comedian?

LL: I get lots of material from my son. He is a non-stop source of inspiration.

AFM: What about “Law & Order SVU”? Once you're on that show, it's almost like the sign you've made it. What was that experience like?

LL: ‘Law and Order’ was great! I played poker with Fred Savage who was the perpetrator, as the guest star always is.

AFM: So what is it you like to joke about the most? Religion? Motherhood? Celebrities?

 LL: My favorite things to talk about are anything funny. The only thing I won't joke about is sick children—not a humorous topic.

AFM: How is life as a comedian? Is it as funny as it seems?

LL: My life is pretty awesome. It’s best when I can make myself laugh.

AFM: Who is your favorite comedian? Why? Does this person motivate your jokes?

 LL: I am my favorite comedian. There are others I enjoy but I don’t enjoy hanging out with them as much.

AFM: Do you have any other hidden talents that people don’t know about?

LL: I am a master of day-drinking and tie-dying hair.

AFM: If you were trapped on a desert island, what would be the one thing you would have to have?

LL: That’s not a fair question to ask… You know I have a kid! But, if it's a “thing” it would have to be an unlimited supply of Corralejo tequila.

 AFM: What is on your iPod right now?

LL: The Heavy's "No Place for a Hero” is on my iPod right now.