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You know him. Now meet her. Alejandra Nash!

Arizona Foothills had an exclusive interview with a very interesting mother--Alejandra Nash! See what she says about raising her three children, her plans for the future and what she says about her marriage to the Suns phenomenon...

Alejandra Nash

We understand you are working on a documentary film. Tell us a little about it.
I started researching two years ago for a compelling story to tell about my native country of Paraguay. In my research I came up with a non-profit organization called “Sounds of the Earth” that do wonderful work using music as a tool for social transformation. They work with under-served children in different parts of the country. It is a story about transforming and empowering the lives of the children and their communities. The story takes place in Paraguay, where the founder (and re-known orchestra conductor) inspired by the work of a trash collector, decides to form an orchestra of instruments made out of trash. The story of how this creation started and the children that form part of it is fascinating. 

What has inspired you most to do this documentary?
My biggest desire is to shine light over the children of Paraguay. This film will show how something as simple as a musical instrument made out of used cans can affect and transform lives. It is beautiful to see how people with very little economic means create something wonderful to offer to the world. Living in United States for many years, I have noticed how easy it is to take for granted all the opportunities this country provides and the quality of life we receive. For many nations, basic freedoms and necessities are luxuries. Another reason I want to do this documentary is because people don’t know much about Paraguay. Using a visual medium such as film, is a great way to tell a story that will inspire as well as educate. My gratification is in being part of it.

Your father worked for the united nations which meant you lived in multiple countries growing up. What were your favorites?
My favorite was Nicaragua. It was a trying and unique time in its history while I was there... I have fond memories due to the warmth of the people, the beaches, and the aliveness of it all through difficult circumstances. I still keep in touch with a lot of my friends there. The warmth of the people, the beaches, and the vibrant sense of community.  

What country were you born in?

Alejandra Nash and Kids

How has such an international upbringing impacted the way you live and how you are raising your children?
I loved traveling with my family growing up. I enjoyed experiencing diverse cultures and meeting people with different backgrounds, ideas and music. It has impacted me tremendously, on who I am today. I wish the same for my children. There is something to be said about being a “world citizen”. I travel with my children as much as I can, and have planned for a while to live a couple of years abroad so that my kids can experience the wonders of it.  

Some might think it thrilling to be married to an NBA star. What has been your experience?
It has its ups and downs like every other marriage. Its challenges can be somewhat more demanding. But we have three wonderful children and I am grateful for the life I shared with him. I wish him the best.