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Couples feet in bed

Want to impress your Valentine?  Check out how you can make your space a romantic haven.

As January wraps up, no doubt V-Day's on your mind.  Whether it's your first romantic celebration with your new-found love, or another year of Valentine's bliss with a long-time partner, fiance, or hubby, there's no reason NOT to make this February 14th fabulous.  And turns out, there are simple ways to woo your lover without spending a lot of green.

According to Yahoo!, every person should have their bedroom couple-ready.  In other words, prepare your personal haven for company.  First, it's suggested you de-clutter; experts say piles of clothes, paper, and other stuff is a distraction and total mood-killer.  Surely, you'll also want to double-check your nightstand for sappy romance novels or night-time medication.  Yep, the more bare the room, the better.  (And this includes kicking Fido out for the night.)

Next, Yahoo! recommends all guys and gals re-vamp their walls, taking down things like posters that are just downright distracting.  It's suggested you hang wall-art that blends in with your decor without dominating the room.  (Think a nice black and white landscape photograph.)

You'll also want to set the mood with lighting.  Dimmers are always a nice option, but if you can't re-adjust what's already done, consider whipping out candles--as long as they're not red and pink Valentine's Day swag.  (And make sure they've been lit--you don't want to look overly-prepared.)

Of course, bedding does make a difference--Yahoo! suggests high thread count sheets.  Dress it with nice, plush, comfy pillows, making for a perfectly inviting oasis.

As for other tips...have music prepared (but nothing cliche); leave a window open (for fresh air); and turn that TV off!

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