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Strut your inner-diva by stocking up on dashing one-of-a-kind pieces.  Meet the mastermind behind one of Scottsdale's new posh boutiques.

She grew up in Montana, but spent her days dreaming of Paris.  The Scottsdale trend-setter was raised by her French mother, so she naturally grew up with that French-like niche for fashion.  That’s why Heidi Martincic is now the proud owner of Paris Montana, the unique Old Town boutique offering avant-garde pieces galore.

“I love drama.  I love taking high couture into everyday life, giving people the feeling they just came off the runway,” said Heidi Martincic, self-proclaimed “Queen of Everything.”

Growing up, Martincic spent the summers working at Nordstrom.  Like many young ladies, she acquired a true love for jewelry and clothes; however, her passion became a part of her being.  In 1999, Martincic moved to Arizona—husband and step-daughters in tow.  After spending about ten years at a top-notch Valley ad firm, the 40-something decided it was time to make her dream a reality.

“Our motto is ‘comfortable couture,’” she said.

The tastefully talented woman kicked off her new venture traveling back and forth to Paris, picking up unique antique pieces at French flea markets.  Martincic then brought her fabulous finds back to AZ and created costume-like jewelry fit for every Valley vixen.

“I’m known for my multi-chained necklaces.”